CDC Careers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is the nation’s primary disease prevention and health promotion agency. The CDC focuses on a wide range of health threats and emergencies, including injuries, infectious and chronic diseases, birth defects, food and water safety, occupational health and safety, environmental hazards and bioterrorism.

The CDC also supports public health programs and research by administering funding for state and local health departments, community health organizations and academic institutions. The agency works with domestic and international partners to monitor health, investigate health problems, conduct research into disease preventions, develop and advocate public health policy and promote healthy environments and behaviors.


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CDC Organization

Headquartered in Atlanta, the CDC is a major component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The agency has approximately 14,000 employees and contractors working throughout the U.S and in 54 countries. The organizational structure of the CDC includes centers, institutes and offices that deal with specific public health issues. These include the Center for Global Health, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, the Office of Infectious Disease, the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response and several other offices.

Career Opportunities

The CDC provides exceptional opportunities for public health careers at its Atlanta headquarters and in its centers, institutes and offices. The agency maintains a global presence through partnerships with international public health agencies and non-governmental organizations. Candidates who have an interest in overseas assignments should explore career opportunities with the Center for Global Health.

The CDC is concerned with protecting the health of entire populations. Many jobs within the agency are directly tied to the knowledge and skills that can be obtained through graduate degrees related to public health, especially a Master of Public Health. CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden has both MD and MPH degrees, as do many other CDC leaders.

A sampling of public health positions within the CDC is provided below.

Job Title: Epidemiologist
Estimated Salary: $86,355 to $112,261
CDC epidemiologists identify and analyze public health issues, providing scientific advice and technical assistance to health agencies and organizations. They may also work with specialists and scientists on prevention programs and practice guidelines that focus on the social aspects of disease as well as the medical causes. Program areas that require epidemiologists include HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases, chronic diseases, injury control, environmental health and mother and child health. At the CDC, some epidemiologists may spend 25 percent or more of their time traveling to domestic and international locations.

Job Title: Public Health Analyst
Estimated Salary: $75,621 to $116,901
This public health analyst position involves the development and implementation of public health programs related to health care surveys. Job duties include fostering cooperative partnerships to help implement surveys, writing agreements to fund survey components and preparing correspondence and outreach materials about surveys and survey participants.

Job Title: Overseas Business Officer
Estimated Salary: $99,628 to $129,517
An overseas business officer is the principal management official for a CDC International Country Office, responsible for planning, organizing and directing day-to-day operations. Job duties include employee supervision and evaluation, budget formulation, resource allocation, establishment of short and long-range goals and overseeing the preparation of position papers, reports and other documents.

Job Title: Medical Officer
Estimated Salary: $71,674 to $129,517
CDC medical officers are doctors of medicine or osteopathy who have training in a specialized field of medicine related to public health. Job duties include providing support in public health research and analyses, evaluation of medical research and identification of the causes or source of disease or disease outbreaks. Medical officers also may be called upon to streamline public health processes and procedures and devise new approaches to public health issues.

For the most current list of available CDC jobs, visit the USA Jobs website and enter CDC in the search box.