Harvard Masters in Public Health

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Harvard Master’s in Public Health

The Harvard School of Public Health Master’s in Public Health program was created to provide students with a solid foundation of expertise to become leaders in public health. This program enables students to gain the experience and knowledge necessary for prestigious careers in major health organizations, academic institutions, research facilities and private-sector companies. This program accepts students nationally and internationally. Many applicants have a background in health care with at least three years of professional experience.

Harvard Master’s in Public Health Program

The Harvard Master’s in Public Health program is designed to be completed in two semesters. This interdisciplinary program is student directed and focuses on developing problem-solving and leadership skills necessary to work effectively in the field of public health. The 42.5-credit program can be completed on a full-time, part-time or summer-only basis, giving students the flexibility they require to manage work, school and personal obligations. Students must complete a combination of core courses and electives to fulfill all credit requirements. Each student is required to choose one of seven concentrations, including:

  • Clinical Effectiveness
  • Global Health
  • Law and Public Health
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Health Care Management and Policy
  • Health and Social Behavior
  • Occupational and Environmental Health

In addition to completing the mandatory core and concentration coursework, students must complete a practicum and culminating experience that directly relates to their field of concentration. Guidelines for these aspects of the degree vary depending on the course requirements of the student. Faculty advisers may assist with the selection of electives that complement each student’s chosen concentration.

For students who can’t complete the program in two consecutive semesters, part-time and summer-only options are available. Students in the part-time program may select courses from the academic calendar, winter session or summer session and can take two to three years to complete. The summer-only program is available to physicians and other students who possess relevant health doctoral degrees and is only open to the Clinical Effectiveness and Quantitative Methods concentrations. Students may choose coursework in the summer and winter sessions, completing the program in three sequent sessions.

The Harvard School of Public Health also offers dual degree programs. Students can complete the Master’s in Public Health in conjunction with another advanced degree, including:

  • MD or DO
  • DMD or DDS
  • JD

Harvard Master’s in Public Health Admissions

The Harvard School of Public Health seeks students who have a doctoral degree in a medical-related field, law or business administration. The ideal candidate aspires to gain leadership skills to serve the community in the area of public health. Students who have a strong academic record and clear career goals are more likely to be accepted into the program. Those who are interested in applying for this program must:

  • Complete an application on the School of Public Health Application System (SOPHAS)
  • Write a 600-word statement of purpose
  • Create a resume or curriculum vitae
  • Provide transcripts from all post-secondary institutions
  • Obtain three letters of recommendation
  • Submit GRE scores (other tests may also be acceptable)
  • Submit TOEFL scores for students who do not speak English as their first language
  • Pay the $120 application fee through SOPHAS

Harvard Master’s in Public Health Tuition

The cost of the full-time Master of Public Health is $1,080 per credit. Those who will complete the degree in at least two years will pay fees of $970 per credit. Students may also purchase health insurance through the Harvard School of Public Health at the rate of $1,095 per term. In addition to these fees, individuals must also pay a $125-registration fee each term and about $692 per term in books and supplies. Living expenses will vary by student.

Many students who attend the Harvard Master of Public Health program receive 25 percent of their tuition in financial assistance. The school offers need-based and merit-based scholarships, along with other types of scholarships. For those who need additional financial assistance, fellowships, grants and student loans may help with fees and other costs.